Spovan SW11 ECG smart watch

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Spovan SW11 detects HRV in real time analyzes each heartbeat and obtains the difference in health information in time ,so as to know your hearthealth status at any time and take precautions in advance.Large inverted powder metallurgy electrode, strong anti-interference and fast detection, more accurate results within 30 seconds. 

Health Features:ECG test 、Heart rate monitoring 、Blood pressure monitoring、Blood oxygen detection、heartbeat alert、SPO2.
Sport Features:Sport modes,  steps, distance, and calories burned,GPS.
Other Features:Reminder,stopwatch ,countdown ,information , set function.
Charging:It is a magnetic suction charging cable,please make sure the cable match the charge point correctly.

Parameter :

Watch Size:45 * 53 * 12mm
Wear Length:160mm-260mm
Packing Size:Unit size 95*72*60mm, weight 132g
Main chip: Si 1182
Water resistant:IP67
Screen: 1.3 " TFT
Battery: 220 Mah
Waterproof grade: IP67
Standby time: 15 days
Surport mobile system: IOS 8.0 or above, Android 4.4 or above
Heart rate detection: support
Blood pressure monitoring: support
Blood oxygen testing: support ECG support test
Bluetooth version: 5.0
Support Language:Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Germany